MagicLog Logistics Evolved

RR MAGIC SHIPPING maintains its relevance in a fast changing business environment driven by new technologies and increasing customer demands, using digital tools as the key factor for the company’s expansion and redefinition strategy for the future.

MagicLog Logistics Evolved
The Challenge

implement new technology and best-in-class solutions to be the driver behind the company’s capability to accomplish more and achieve higher output regarding productivity and service.

The Solution

Achieving higher integration of all the internal processes paired with an increased capability to monitor and control information on a daily basis produces continuous improvement in the performance of every team in the company.

The Results

MagicDome is an extraordinary sales tool for our company, gived us a competitive advantage over other players in the market. Our customers have been benefited receiving proactive alerts and notification of their shipments. As operative team we have managed to increase our productivity significantly.

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