MagicLog Logistics Evolved

Within the goods transportation industry, every company is striving to achieve a true digital transformation that helps them get a competitive advantage. INTERGLOBO opted for a customer value generation strategy, which leans on new technologies.

MagicLog Logistics Evolved

By creating ad-hoc digital solutions INTERGLOBO enhanced visibility and real time tracking across the operation, allowing for timely proactive and preventive measures along the process which generate value for customers.

The Challenge

Integrate INTERGLOBO information in a single place, where its collaborators can have a total and effective integration of data, with real-time monitoring and metrics that allow improving the process.

The Solution

The partnership with MagicLog allowed Interglobo Group to look at the large volume of data inside the organization from another perspective and to generate tangible value for its business.
Working in the supply chain industry, we have been going through a very rapid demand of evolving technological services, MagicLog has helped us to adapt to change in a very proactive and forward-thinking way.

The Results

Over time, this relationship is evolving into a strong partnership which allows us to strengthen the organization of IT Department thanks to the digital skills and the professionality of the teams involved.

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