MagicLog Logistics Evolved

In the current and competitive business landscape it is crucial for companies to pursue efficiency and constant optimization across all corners of the operation.
INTERCERAMIC understands that such an evolving environment must rely on a powerful data analytics platform that goes across every area of the company, and beyond.

MagicLog Logistics Evolved

Proper visibility, control and response to vendors and suppliers’ activities has become a crucial part of any company’s internal operations. INTERCERAMIC has strengthened their management capabilities through a powerful control tool that integrates data not only from their internal process, but also their external stakeholder’s operations; be it suppliers, consignees, 3PLs or custom agents.


Performance monitoring, contract terms compliance, changes control and approval, and the capability to work with the highest time accuracy throughout the process, is now a reality for INTERCERAMIC and they fully exploit it in their favor.

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