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By: MagicLog Aug 02, 2022


The tool you need to increase your Profits.

Technology revolution has made a significant impact in all industries around the world, as years go by, MagicLog established as a mission to be aware and up to date in trend technologies making our main goal to provide tools to our customers that help them have a complete End-to-end visualization, optimize operation time, have an accurate control of vendors and providers, generate savings and reduce operational costs.

One of the tools that has gained popularity specifically in the logistics industry is Data Analytics. Due to the dynamic nature of logistics, Big Data becomes one of the strongest and most reliable allies since it has changed the orthodox perception in which information is generated and analyzed. The high-quality information required to function effectively provides a huge selection of data sources that include proper planning, efficient transportation system and performance management, which is of incredibly great importance for companies specialized in cargo shipping.
Information is a fundamental key in order to understand the forecast performance using advanced tools and techniques to analyze millions of data points; being able to share this information within your company and with your partners through the most advanced technology will certainly optimize and increase your company’s profits. Connecting the supply chain from End-to-End, building cross-functional data transparency and investing in the right capabilities to develop their own methodologies to put big data into a strategic business context. Having timely and accurate data will improve the efficiency rate in all the areas of a company, mainstreaming communication channels for a better collaboration with your partners as well as enhancing the supply chain so customers are satisfied with the service that is being provided.

Data Analytics has also allowed the concept of “Control Towers” to thrive and spread quickly across companies around the world. Thanks to the information gathered through these real time analytics, control towers become a hub for decision-making, visibility and action that allows to keep things under control, reduce and predict potential risks and the ability to better manage orders while speeding up the supply chain, measure the performance of your key actors (suppliers, logistics providers, internal processes) and maintaining a high standard of quality and transparency.
The insights that a company can get through predictive analytics is being considered more and more as one of the main pillars for innovation and productivity for the benefit of logistics and shipping companies alike. But what are the big data’s main attributes that are needed to make it work effectively and take advantage of its full potential? Several major companies have been using these analytics for quite a while, and they have given important contributions which have caused Big Data to evolve. IBM, one of the most sophisticated and experienced companies in the field has defined four of these attributes:

  • Volume: This is the scale of data being available.
  • Velocity: It is of the utmost imaortance to quickly analyze the data that is being received in order to have a better understanding of it and arocess it.
  • Variety: The data can be both structured and unstructured, lodged in databases and analyzed in reaorts and sareadsheets. It is up to a group of well-trained specialists to analyze it and make an accurate interpretation of it.
  • Veracity:The data sometimes can be uncertain, and it is important to define if it is trustworthy or not, the result will determine the quality of the information being received.

The data then will have to be validated so it can give the company a chance to take the best decisions as well as predict and anticipate to actions which could lead to chaos in management and on the whole supply chain. Ultimately the goal is to make sure that everything is efficiently delivered on time and to bring satisfaction to the customer, generating profits in the process.
Are you ready to turn data into decision making that generates value and answer all the pressing questions that require action within your business?

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